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Summary of the ECOTALE Project Final Conference

in Poznań, Poland


The ECOTALE Project Final Conference “External Costs as a Key Policy Issue – reference practices and feasible proposals to perform internalization within transport planning and policies” was held on 14th May 2014 in Poznań, Poland. The event was devoted to external costs of transport connected with environment pollutions (air, climate change, natural environment) and social costs related to consistently increasing road congestion (noise, accidents). During the ECOTALE Conference the “Guidelines for a wider internalization practice within the transport planning and policies” was presented. The document shows gained experience and developed solutions which could be taken into consideration while preparing costs’ internalization policy for different cities and regions. During the event there were also presented good practices and the results of their adaptation on the local, regional and national level in the project partners’ countries i.e. France, Spain, Greece, Italy and Finland.

The ECOTALE Project Final Conference was opened by Mirosław Kruszyński, Deputy Mayor of City of Poznan, who gave a welcome speech. Then, the representative of INTERREG IVC Joint Technical Secretariat, Ms.  Verena PRIEM, ECOTALE Project Officer made a presentation on “EU Interregional Cooperation – state of play and perspectives” for the new funding period 2014 – 2020. The conference was moderated by Prof. Włodzimierz Rydzkowski from University of Gdańsk, who introduced the participants to the subject of external costs of transport. Prof. Rydzkowski presented a common division of external costs for infrastructure costs (use, destruction of infrastructure), environmental (air and soil pollution, noise, climate change), accidents (material, administrative and medical costs as well as costs of pain and suffering) and congestion (time, fuel, image, quality of service). The next external presenter was Mr. Adrian Furgalski from Economy Advisory Group TOR, Poland, who talked about „Polish perspective towards externalities”. The purpose of the speech was to discuss the external costs of transport in Poland, with particular emphasis on the road transport and accidents. The situation in Poland was presented and the reference of particular transport issues to the European Union.

After the introduction made by the external experts, the speeches of the ECOTALE project consortium members began.  This part was opened by Ms. Simona Tondelli, the Project Coordinator from the University of Bologna. She presented the main objectives and results of the project, and especially the newly developed "Guidelines - for a wider internalisation practice within the transportation planning and policies", which are the final "product" of the project, summarizing the 2,5 years of ECOTALE partners’ cooperation. Then Vesa Kanninen from Aalto University (Finland) spoke on "More internalization? Challenges and opportunities for urban and regional authorities ", paying attention to the audience how important it is to take into account the external costs of transport in the strategic planning of transport policies in the regions.
Further presentations made by the consortium partners presented identified good practices and solutions as well as the attempts made to implement them in the cities, regions and local communities. Within this part of the conference the following examples from partner countries were discussed:
•    Attempt to assess the environmental benefits from the implementation of the environmental zone in the city center – Dawid Nijak, Poznań City Hall, Poland
•    Emilia-Romagna regional Recommendations for the internalization of external costs of transport – Paolo Ferrecchi, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy
•    Urban transit investments as a catalyst for overall transport external costs reduction and urban regeneration –Manos Vougioukas, ThePTA, Greece
•    Improving local public transport attractiveness with employer-subsidized monthly ticket – Márton Feldmann, Institute for Transport Sciences Non-profit Ltd., Hungary
•    Regional plan for traffic mobility and sustainable parking in Ribera Alta – Óscar Giménez Gras, Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta, Spain
•    Implementing road charging systems in France: the lessons learnt from the ECOTALE project – NGUYEN-LUONG Dany, IAU, France

The ECOTALE Project Final Conference appeared to be a very interesting event with important added value for the participants. The total audience was app. 100 people, representing different sectors: business, research (researchers and students) as well as local authorities, public agencies and administration, governmental bodies, where ECOTALE solutions and results could be implemented into practice.

The ECOTALE Conference was organized in parallel with Polish Logistics Congress LOGISTICS 2014. This fact gave the Congress’ participants a great opportunity to get familiar with ECOTALE new findings, studies and guidelines on external costs of transport which were presented during the ECOTALE Project Final Conference.


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