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Institute for Urban Planning and Development of Paris Ile-de-France Region

IAU îdF has the status of a foundation, acting as an associate body to the Regional Council of Ile-de-France. Basically, IAU-IdF ’s primary mission was to propose planning and development policies for the Ile-de-France. It takes into account the spatial aspects (from the local to the regional, and with respect to French and European policy), and sector aspects (planning, transport, and environment projects, housing and urban regeneration policies, etc).

In this standing role as provider of support and proposals to the Regional Council for all aspects of planning in Ile-de-France, IAU IdF is mainly and only a multi-disciplinary expertise force which develops a broad range of survey and consulting missions.

It is a fully autonomous semi-public regional scientific center. Its budget is mostly provided (80 %) by a subsidy from the Regional Council, the other 20% coming from contracts and research subsidies. There are about 160 experts in the fields of transports, urban planning, sustainable development, economics, demographics, environment, geographical information system. It has never been empowered to implement policies in the Paris Region. Moreover, after almost 50 years of experience in the development of the metropolis of Paris (11 millions inhabitants, 5 millions jobs, 12000 km2) , it has progressively become involved in other countries in a wide range of urban development, planning and transports projects.

In ECOTALE, the role of IAU is very clearly positioned as a "research center", as well as the three other research centers.

IAU is a research and studies center, not the representant of the Region. IAU-îdF has a large experience in the design of planning projects which aim to favour interaction between land use and transport in Paris Region. Its contribution in ECOTALE will concern the identification and analysis of experiences, case studies and best practises conducted by all partners in the past or in process, included those led in Paris Region, and will concern the production of guidelines . Especilly it will provide the methodologies and tools for integrated land use transport planning and evaluation. Another contribution to the project will concern the exchanges about land use transport interaction modelling and new methodologies to take into account external costs in socio-economic multi-criteria analysis. At last, IAU-îdF will organize a european meeting in Paris during the second 2011 semester and a SG meeting.

Realization in Interreg IIC (1999-2001) as the lead partner of the project “METRO FRINGES” : Maîtrise de l’urbanisation et développement durable dans les franges urbaines des grandes régions métropolitaines : évaluation des pratiques et propositions d’actions innovantes”, in collaboration with four European partners : SERPLAN (London Region – UK), Kommunalverband Ruhrgebiet (Rhin Ruhr Region – Germany), Planungsgemeinshaft Rheinpfalz (Rheinpfalz Region – Germany), Provincie Zuid (Randstad Region – Netherlands).

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